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Wild Animal Fights

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Honey Badger (Ratel) vs Ocelot


            Honey Badger                   vs             Ocelot
       12" tall, 30" long, 35 lbs               18" tall, 40" long, 40 lbs
 Honey Badger fight, Ratel attackOcelot fight, big ocelot

Here we have a very interesting fight between the legendary Honey Badger of Africa and the Ocelot the small jungle cat of Central and South America.

The Honey Badger, despite its name, biologically is more closely related to a Wolverine than badger species. Like the Wolverine, the ratel is notorious for its ferocity and fearless nature, even being able to scare lions and leopards away from their kills. Ratels do not discriminate when feeding, it will hunt and eat birds, rodents, tortoises, lizards and large snakes. They devour all parts of their prey, including skin, hair, feathers, flesh and bones, holding their food down with their forepaws.

The Ocelot acts very much like a small jaguar. It is the largest of the small Leopardus cat genus. Despite its size, it will take down prey as large as deer. Ocelots are also ferociously territorial and will fight one another, sometimes to the death, to defend its territory.

When pitted against each other, I feel the Ocelot would first engage the Ratel as it may look like a potential prey. The ratel, is known to scream loudly when it is backed into a corner, which would temporarily push back the cat. Once settled down, the Ocelot would pounce on the badger and bite down on its neck. However, the ratel has a secret defense, its skin is very thick and very loose, which allows it to turn all the way back at its attacker and clamp down on its throat with is powerful jaws.

Honey Badger wins!

Bald Eagle vs Cougar


This is a guest post by Brian Whalley of
Eagle vs Cougar
Eagles and Cougars are two wide-ranging carnivores in North and South America, and so it is inevitable that there will be some conflict between them over food at times. While they tend to hunt different types of animals, both will hate to give up a fresh kill to another animal and so most likely conflicts will come around prey and hunting rights. 
Bald eagles can have a wingspan of 2.5 meters (taller than any man), and a body length of about 30-40 inches, so their massive wings let them fly easily and buffet and glide quite well. Cougars are ground animals, between two and two and a half feet tall and between 115 and 200 pounds. Both tend to eat a lot of small animals and rodents, and so competition for food will bring these two to conflict. 
The bald eagle will go for the eyes of the cougar, because blinding it or damaging its ability to find the eagle will allow the eagle to carry its food away to eat safely in a tree. The cougar's large claws and tough grip will give it a chance to take the eagle down first and restrict its movement while it bites it in the head or neck. In this case, the cougar catches the eagle in its arms as it swoops at the cougar's head, knocking the eagle to the ground and breaking its neck. The swift and powerful leaps of the cougar are no match for the slower eagle that goes down almost immediately with a broken neck from its powerful jaws. 

Cougar vs American Black Bear


This guest post was contributed by Brian Whalley of Lizard Person Or


One very frequently requested fight on Wild Animal Fight Club is the Cougar vs American Black Bear fight. The American Cougar has a wide range of habitats, from northern Canada's wilderness to the Andes of South America. The Cougar is actually rather small, about 2 feet tall and eight feed long and weighing between 115 and 200 pounds. Cougars are also unusual for being one of the only big cats unable to roar. In reality cougars are more like a very large and aggressive housecat, mostly communicating through growls, purrs, and hissing. They are also very adept jumpers and have the largest hind legs proportionally of any cat.

In the other corner we have the Black Bear, which is about 2.5-3 feet tall at the shoulder and six feet long. However, they are much larger and bulkier than their competitor, weighing over 550 pounds (300+ kg). However, they are actually rather timid and often try to avoid conflict with other predators. In the areas where Black Bears and Cougars share territory conflicts are common and bears will often try to steal a cougar's kill if it can. The conflict is rarely violent though because of the power of both animals.

In an actual fight, the cougar would use its small size and great agility to stay away from the black bear. The black bear's powerful long claws and immense strength is an immediate game over for any cougar foolish enough to come head on at a black bear. A cougar would remain at a distance and attempt to leap past a black bear to come up behind it or land on top of its back. Staying away from the black bear's mouth and massive reach is the cougar's only chance. The black bear has so much insulating fat and hide however, that any cougar that attempts to attack it would be shook away until the black bear can capitalize on the cougar's desperation and catch it in its paws or jaws. The black bear would then break its neck with one bite, the end for that cougar.


Black bear wins.

Siberian Tiger vs Grizzly Bear


Siberian Tiger                   vs                     Grizzly Bear

 tiger vs bearBear vs Tigeru

Sorry for the long delay in posts...

This is by far the most requested fight in WAFC history and features arguably the two most lethal big predators on the planet.

The Siberian Tiger is the largest Big Cat on Earth, growing up to 11 ft long and up to 850 lbs. It preys on huge animals such as deer, boar, and Elk. Siberian Tigers have even been known to prey on Brown bear species in Asia. Although this cat is big it still has incredible quickness. It's preferred method of killing is, like most big cats, a bite to the throat of its victim. 

The Grizzly Bear has incredible strength, as mentioned in previous fights on WAFC. It also has a size advantage,growing up to and beyond 1000lbs. The largest Grizzlies can stand up to 8 ft tall. 

Its tough for me to choose a victor here out of two of my favorite predators. I think the fight would go pretty quick once the two beasts got into it.

The tiger would most likely be first to act trying to pounce at the Bear's throat. The Bear could counter with a downward swat, as it is known to do, that could crush the cat's skull. 

However I think more often than not the Tiger would win this fight. With its size and speed, the momentum of a dash and pounce would be enough to knock the bear backwards before a blow to the neck kills it.



Jaguar vs Leopard


                         Jaguar              vs              Leopard

jaguar attack, jaguar fightLeopard fight, Leopard attack

Recently this has been the most requested wild animal fight. This is most likey due to the fact that these animals share such a close resemblance to each other. The two animals can be distinguished by their rosettes: the rosettes on a jaguar's coat are larger, fewer in number, usually darker, and have thicker lines and small spots in the middle that the leopard lacks. Leopards are usually longer, while the Jaguar is stockier. Jaguars also have rounder heads and shorter, stockier limbs compared to leopards.

The Leopard is an agile predator that lives in sub-Saharan Africa. It can ambush large prey such as Eland but mostly dines on smaller prey items like baboons. Their killing style is similiar to other large cats usually looking to attack the throat of its victims. Leopards are adept at climbing trees, although not as much so as the Jaguar.

The Jaguar is the apex predator of South America. It lives in and out of the Jungle and kills prey weighing up to 800lbs. Pound for Pound the Jaguar is the strongest of all the Big Cats. It can drag prey many times its weight into trees to eat. They have developed jaws that are much stronger than the other big cats and employ a unique killing technique, it bites directly through the skull of prey between the ears to deliver a fatal blow to the brain.

Although the Leopard is a formidable opponent, the Jaguar is just too strong and will win this fight everytime!

Lion vs American Black Bear


Lion fight, lion vs, lion attackblack bear fight, bear attack, bear fight

There have been many requests for more Lion fights. Lets see if the "King" can win this one.

An adult male Lion can grow to be 10 ft long and weigh over 500 lbs. Lions primarily prey on large animals such as Wildebeasts and Water Buffalo, however hunting is usually done in a pack. Lions have more stamina than most large cats and usually kills its prey with a targeted bite at or near the throat and then holding on until its victim dies. The lion's mane provides protection for its own neck.

American Black Bears are on average smaller and less aggressive than Grizzlies. They can reach a length of 7 ft and weight of 750 lbs. These animals are incredible strong and have been known to become enraged killing beasts when hungry or provoked.

This is one of the most evenly matched fights on this site. The lion's speed may help it to get an early advantage in this fight. However, a full sized black bear's superior strength will help it prevail in this fight. In short, as the lion attempts to get inside on the bear to deliver a fatal bite, the black bear will swat lion down with a crushing blow before pouncing on the lion to finish the job.

Black Bear Wins

Siberian Tiger vs Silverback Gorilla


            Tiger Facts                         Silverback Facts

    Up to 10.5 ft and 650 lbs            Up to 6ft and 600lbs

tiger vs, tiger fight, tiger attackgorilla attack. gorilla fight, silverback

Another fight that is garnering a ton of suggestions has been the matchup between a Tiger vs Gorilla. This is an extremely interesting battle due to the unique qualities of each animal.

Although primarily a vegetarian, the Gorilla is equipped with 2 inch canine teeth and one of the strongest bite forces on the planet. Silverbacks have enough arm strength to flip a family sized sedan. 

The Siberian Tiger is the largest of all the big cats on the planet. It routinely attacks and kills large predators such as Asiatic Black Bears as prey. This Tiger is an extremely impressive animal which has no natural predators.

If a Silverback Gorilla were to ever be pitted against a Siberian Tiger, both animals would be cautious in making the first move. The Gorilla would try to stand as large as possible, pound its chest, and yell as loud as it could in order to try and scare off the Tiger.This plan would backfire and insight the cautious tiger into attacking. The huge cat would pounce straight for the Ape's throat. With the Gorilla caught off guard the Tiger is able to avoid the Gorilla's powerful arms and get inside. The Gorilla ferociously tries to bite at the Tiger, but its too late. The Tiger sticks its four inch canine teeth through the neck of the Gorilla and the fight is over.

Tiger Wins! 


Gray Wolf vs Cougar (Mountain Lion)


          Wolf facts                        Mountain Lion facts

    Up to 5 ft and 180 lbs           Up to 5 ft and 200 lbs

 gray wolf, wolf attacksmountain lion attacks, cougar

This would be a great fight against too apex predators of similiar size. Cougars and Wolves do occupy many of the same habitats and fights occur naturally.

The Gray Wolf is the largest member of canine family.  A Wolf will never back down from a fight and is able to prey animals much larger than itself, including Deer, Elk, and even Moose. Wolves are skilled fighters, attacking each other in order to determine the Alpha male, or leader of the wolf pack.

The Mountain Lion, or Cougar, is one of the most powerful predators on Earth. It also hunts and kills prey that are many times its size, but the cougar can take down a full grown elk with a single powerful charge and a quick bite to the neck.

The Wolf would most likely initiate this fight as it is a deteremined killer and will try to kill and eat anything. The wolf would attempt to bite the neck of the cougar and hang untill its death. The cougar is extremely quick and would be able to dodge the wolf's initial attack. The relentless wolf will continue to press the fight as the cougar tries to escape. At this point the pissed off cougar accepts the wolf's challenge and with its superior strength quickly pins its opponent. The mountain lion clamps down on the throat of the wolf and slashes its midsection with the claws of its hind legs.




Bengal Tiger vs African Lion


       Tiger Facts                                Lion Facts 

    up to 6'0", 500 lbs                     up to 6'6", 420 lbs

Tiger fight, tiger vslion fight, lion vs


This is the Big one. The question who would win in a fight between a lion and a tiger is one of life's great questions. The debate can get heated enough to end friendships.

Here is the final answer.

First of all for this fight we will use the Bengal Tiger, instead of the much larger Siberian Tiger, so we can give the poor Lion a chance. The fact is that the Lion still would have no shot. The Tiger is just a far superior animal. It is stronger and faster. It hunts bigger prey and doesn't need the help of something called a pride. Pride? The Lion should be ashamed.

Tiger wins easily.



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