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Bald Eagle vs Cougar


This is a guest post by Brian Whalley of
Eagle vs Cougar
Eagles and Cougars are two wide-ranging carnivores in North and South America, and so it is inevitable that there will be some conflict between them over food at times. While they tend to hunt different types of animals, both will hate to give up a fresh kill to another animal and so most likely conflicts will come around prey and hunting rights. 
Bald eagles can have a wingspan of 2.5 meters (taller than any man), and a body length of about 30-40 inches, so their massive wings let them fly easily and buffet and glide quite well. Cougars are ground animals, between two and two and a half feet tall and between 115 and 200 pounds. Both tend to eat a lot of small animals and rodents, and so competition for food will bring these two to conflict. 
The bald eagle will go for the eyes of the cougar, because blinding it or damaging its ability to find the eagle will allow the eagle to carry its food away to eat safely in a tree. The cougar's large claws and tough grip will give it a chance to take the eagle down first and restrict its movement while it bites it in the head or neck. In this case, the cougar catches the eagle in its arms as it swoops at the cougar's head, knocking the eagle to the ground and breaking its neck. The swift and powerful leaps of the cougar are no match for the slower eagle that goes down almost immediately with a broken neck from its powerful jaws. 

Cougar vs American Black Bear


This guest post was contributed by Brian Whalley of Lizard Person Or


One very frequently requested fight on Wild Animal Fight Club is the Cougar vs American Black Bear fight. The American Cougar has a wide range of habitats, from northern Canada's wilderness to the Andes of South America. The Cougar is actually rather small, about 2 feet tall and eight feed long and weighing between 115 and 200 pounds. Cougars are also unusual for being one of the only big cats unable to roar. In reality cougars are more like a very large and aggressive housecat, mostly communicating through growls, purrs, and hissing. They are also very adept jumpers and have the largest hind legs proportionally of any cat.

In the other corner we have the Black Bear, which is about 2.5-3 feet tall at the shoulder and six feet long. However, they are much larger and bulkier than their competitor, weighing over 550 pounds (300+ kg). However, they are actually rather timid and often try to avoid conflict with other predators. In the areas where Black Bears and Cougars share territory conflicts are common and bears will often try to steal a cougar's kill if it can. The conflict is rarely violent though because of the power of both animals.

In an actual fight, the cougar would use its small size and great agility to stay away from the black bear. The black bear's powerful long claws and immense strength is an immediate game over for any cougar foolish enough to come head on at a black bear. A cougar would remain at a distance and attempt to leap past a black bear to come up behind it or land on top of its back. Staying away from the black bear's mouth and massive reach is the cougar's only chance. The black bear has so much insulating fat and hide however, that any cougar that attempts to attack it would be shook away until the black bear can capitalize on the cougar's desperation and catch it in its paws or jaws. The black bear would then break its neck with one bite, the end for that cougar.


Black bear wins.

Gray Wolf vs Cougar (Mountain Lion)


          Wolf facts                        Mountain Lion facts

    Up to 5 ft and 180 lbs           Up to 5 ft and 200 lbs

 gray wolf, wolf attacksmountain lion attacks, cougar

This would be a great fight against too apex predators of similiar size. Cougars and Wolves do occupy many of the same habitats and fights occur naturally.

The Gray Wolf is the largest member of canine family.  A Wolf will never back down from a fight and is able to prey animals much larger than itself, including Deer, Elk, and even Moose. Wolves are skilled fighters, attacking each other in order to determine the Alpha male, or leader of the wolf pack.

The Mountain Lion, or Cougar, is one of the most powerful predators on Earth. It also hunts and kills prey that are many times its size, but the cougar can take down a full grown elk with a single powerful charge and a quick bite to the neck.

The Wolf would most likely initiate this fight as it is a deteremined killer and will try to kill and eat anything. The wolf would attempt to bite the neck of the cougar and hang untill its death. The cougar is extremely quick and would be able to dodge the wolf's initial attack. The relentless wolf will continue to press the fight as the cougar tries to escape. At this point the pissed off cougar accepts the wolf's challenge and with its superior strength quickly pins its opponent. The mountain lion clamps down on the throat of the wolf and slashes its midsection with the claws of its hind legs.




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