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Carolina Dog (American Dingo) vs Dingo


Tale of the Tape:





24” (at shoulder)

24” (at shoulder)


60” (including tail)

61” (including tail)


30-65 lbs.

29-44 lbs. (up to 77 lbs.)




This is guest post submitted by Mike Hanley a long time WAFC subscriber.

Dingo: Hunting Behavior

Dingoes often kill by biting the throat and adjust their hunting strategies to suit circumstances. For bigger prey, due to their strength and potential danger, two or more individuals are needed. Such group formations are unnecessary when hunting rabbits or other small prey

American Dingo: Behavior

In the wild, Carolina dogs lived in swampy, sparsely settled land instead of the highly populated areas stray dogs commonly occupied. When hunting, Carolina Dogs used an effective “pack formation”. They hunted snakes using a whip-like motion, and predated on small and medium-sized mammals such as raccoons.


The American Dingo or Carolina Dog has been separated from its pack while searching for smaller vermin to snack on.  While searching around a densely wooded area – the trees part and a somewhat sandy clearing emerges.  Before the American Dingo stands a slightly larger Australian Dingo.  It has been 2 days since the Dingo has eaten – it is irritated and hungry.

Quickly, the AUS Dingo begins to circle the Carolina Dog – growling menacingly as it eyes its new prey.  The Carolina Dog takes a defensive position, caught off guard but the sudden aggression of this foreign dog.  The AUS Dingo, blind with starvation lunges at the Carolina Dog, its jaws snapping air.  The Carolina Dog has been able to side leap and barely miss a death blow.  Taking the defensive, it snaps back, catching the shoulder of the AUS Dingo.  Now wounded, the AUS Dingo has begun darting wildly at Carolina Dog – confusing its target and putting the dog on its heels.  The Carolina Dog begins to retreat.  Sensing the Carolina Dog in a vulnerable position the AUS Dingo lunges – using it’s slightly longer sneak and snout – and damages the hind legs of the Carolina Dog.  Yelping in pain, the Carolina Dog goes down on its hind legs.  Darting to the other side before the Carolina Dog can turn its head – its neck is left exposed and the AUS Dingo closes in.  With its strong front jaw and long canine teeth the AUS Dingo bites into the Carolina Dog’s neck and locks.  The Carolina Dog feebly struggles to survive while calling out.  The Carolina Dog’s demise is imminent and as it succumbs to the AUS Dingo’s bite, it’s pack can be heard barking in the distance – coming to the rescue of its fallen member….

AUS Dingo wins!

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