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Wild Animal Fights

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Siberian Tiger vs Silverback Gorilla


            Tiger Facts                         Silverback Facts

    Up to 10.5 ft and 650 lbs            Up to 6ft and 600lbs

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Another fight that is garnering a ton of suggestions has been the matchup between a Tiger vs Gorilla. This is an extremely interesting battle due to the unique qualities of each animal.

Although primarily a vegetarian, the Gorilla is equipped with 2 inch canine teeth and one of the strongest bite forces on the planet. Silverbacks have enough arm strength to flip a family sized sedan. 

The Siberian Tiger is the largest of all the big cats on the planet. It routinely attacks and kills large predators such as Asiatic Black Bears as prey. This Tiger is an extremely impressive animal which has no natural predators.

If a Silverback Gorilla were to ever be pitted against a Siberian Tiger, both animals would be cautious in making the first move. The Gorilla would try to stand as large as possible, pound its chest, and yell as loud as it could in order to try and scare off the Tiger.This plan would backfire and insight the cautious tiger into attacking. The huge cat would pounce straight for the Ape's throat. With the Gorilla caught off guard the Tiger is able to avoid the Gorilla's powerful arms and get inside. The Gorilla ferociously tries to bite at the Tiger, but its too late. The Tiger sticks its four inch canine teeth through the neck of the Gorilla and the fight is over.

Tiger Wins! 


Grizzly Bear vs Mountain Gorilla


            Bear facts                                   Gorilla facts 

       up to 8'0" and 800 lbs                    up to 6'0'' 500 lbs

Grizzly fight, bear attackgorilla attacks, gorilla fight

This is a good one.

Almost as hot a debate as Tiger vs Lion is the rivalry that is gorilla vs bear. These are two awesome beasts that can get really pissed off. The result of this battle will be a bloody mess.

The bear is a fierce and relentless monster. Bears love to kill and nothing would please it more than to be the victor of this battle.Grizzly attack

Gorillas are nasty, intelligent warriors who of course have an opposable thumb. It is a proud animal that will not go down easily.

I think the Bear attacks first. The Bear attack would consist of a charge and a steady barrage of clawed slaps to the Gorilla's face. The Gorilla, with its long arms and opposable thumbs would be able to halt this first attack and escape with minor flesh wounds. The Gorilla would try to use its speed to get around the Bear and avoid its blows but would have trouble doing so. In a feeble last attempt, to kill the Grizzly the Gorilla tries throwing bananas at it. This does not stop the Bear's fatal charge as it pins the Gorilla and bites its jugular, spraying its blood everywhere.



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