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Siberian Tiger vs Grizzly Bear


Siberian Tiger                   vs                     Grizzly Bear

 tiger vs bearBear vs Tigeru

Sorry for the long delay in posts...

This is by far the most requested fight in WAFC history and features arguably the two most lethal big predators on the planet.

The Siberian Tiger is the largest Big Cat on Earth, growing up to 11 ft long and up to 850 lbs. It preys on huge animals such as deer, boar, and Elk. Siberian Tigers have even been known to prey on Brown bear species in Asia. Although this cat is big it still has incredible quickness. It's preferred method of killing is, like most big cats, a bite to the throat of its victim. 

The Grizzly Bear has incredible strength, as mentioned in previous fights on WAFC. It also has a size advantage,growing up to and beyond 1000lbs. The largest Grizzlies can stand up to 8 ft tall. 

Its tough for me to choose a victor here out of two of my favorite predators. I think the fight would go pretty quick once the two beasts got into it.

The tiger would most likely be first to act trying to pounce at the Bear's throat. The Bear could counter with a downward swat, as it is known to do, that could crush the cat's skull. 

However I think more often than not the Tiger would win this fight. With its size and speed, the momentum of a dash and pounce would be enough to knock the bear backwards before a blow to the neck kills it.



Bull vs Bear


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This is a classic. Bull vs Bear has been the most requested fight since this blog began. I guess it makes sense with the state of the stock market and all. Here we go..

The bovine bull is an extremely aggressive animal. If provoked it will fight until death. El Toro Bravo, as it is known in Spanish Bull Fighting, can weigh close to a ton and can reach a top speed of 40 mph. It is supremely strong, with tight muscle all over its body. The bull will attack relentlessly and can protect its body well.

The Grizzly Bear is one of the top competitors so far in Wild Animal Fight Club. Undoubtedly one of the most revered predators on Earth, the bear attacks and kills large animals such as Elk. This fight will be a good test of its strength and fighting ability.

This fight gets of to a fast start as the bull will immediately go into defense mode when encountered with the grizzly bear. Each animal would charge directly at each other, with the bull getting the best of the head on collision. With the bear down, the bull starts to continually "buck" into it. The grizzly is able to get up and try to mount another attack but it is tired and wounded from being pounded on by the bull.

In closer to the bull, the bear raises up and attempts to give the cow a crushing blow to the head. However, as the bear stands tall it is left vulnerable to the quick charging bull who crashes into the bear's chest stabbing it with its horns.

Bull Wins!

Grizzly Bear vs Mountain Gorilla


            Bear facts                                   Gorilla facts 

       up to 8'0" and 800 lbs                    up to 6'0'' 500 lbs

Grizzly fight, bear attackgorilla attacks, gorilla fight

This is a good one.

Almost as hot a debate as Tiger vs Lion is the rivalry that is gorilla vs bear. These are two awesome beasts that can get really pissed off. The result of this battle will be a bloody mess.

The bear is a fierce and relentless monster. Bears love to kill and nothing would please it more than to be the victor of this battle.Grizzly attack

Gorillas are nasty, intelligent warriors who of course have an opposable thumb. It is a proud animal that will not go down easily.

I think the Bear attacks first. The Bear attack would consist of a charge and a steady barrage of clawed slaps to the Gorilla's face. The Gorilla, with its long arms and opposable thumbs would be able to halt this first attack and escape with minor flesh wounds. The Gorilla would try to use its speed to get around the Bear and avoid its blows but would have trouble doing so. In a feeble last attempt, to kill the Grizzly the Gorilla tries throwing bananas at it. This does not stop the Bear's fatal charge as it pins the Gorilla and bites its jugular, spraying its blood everywhere.



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