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Lion vs Tiger Fight - Update


So the first fight ever on this blog and really the reason the blog began was the debate over Lion vs Tiger.

Well that fight has since been buried but I wanted to show the results of the polling that has taken place over a year now. 

lion vs tiger
So as I predicted the Tiger is kicking ass! The poll will not close though, so keep voting.


Lion vs Tigercustomer surveys

Lion vs American Black Bear


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There have been many requests for more Lion fights. Lets see if the "King" can win this one.

An adult male Lion can grow to be 10 ft long and weigh over 500 lbs. Lions primarily prey on large animals such as Wildebeasts and Water Buffalo, however hunting is usually done in a pack. Lions have more stamina than most large cats and usually kills its prey with a targeted bite at or near the throat and then holding on until its victim dies. The lion's mane provides protection for its own neck.

American Black Bears are on average smaller and less aggressive than Grizzlies. They can reach a length of 7 ft and weight of 750 lbs. These animals are incredible strong and have been known to become enraged killing beasts when hungry or provoked.

This is one of the most evenly matched fights on this site. The lion's speed may help it to get an early advantage in this fight. However, a full sized black bear's superior strength will help it prevail in this fight. In short, as the lion attempts to get inside on the bear to deliver a fatal bite, the black bear will swat lion down with a crushing blow before pouncing on the lion to finish the job.

Black Bear Wins

Bengal Tiger vs African Lion


       Tiger Facts                                Lion Facts 

    up to 6'0", 500 lbs                     up to 6'6", 420 lbs

Tiger fight, tiger vslion fight, lion vs


This is the Big one. The question who would win in a fight between a lion and a tiger is one of life's great questions. The debate can get heated enough to end friendships.

Here is the final answer.

First of all for this fight we will use the Bengal Tiger, instead of the much larger Siberian Tiger, so we can give the poor Lion a chance. The fact is that the Lion still would have no shot. The Tiger is just a far superior animal. It is stronger and faster. It hunts bigger prey and doesn't need the help of something called a pride. Pride? The Lion should be ashamed.

Tiger wins easily.



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