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Bobcat vs Pit Bull


Pit Bull vs Bobcat

Everyone has an opinion about if they love a dog or a cat more.  What I am trying to do here is settle once and for all which one would win in a fight to the death by two of the more well known individuals in these families.

The Bobcat is a North American cat that usually huts for insects and small deer for food.  Bobcats are very territorial animals.  They commonly mark their borders with claw marks and soil deposits.   There are specifically twelve subspecies of Bobcats.  All range throughout North America into Mexico.  Our Bobcat has been in the woods its whole life and has recently acquired rabies.  This viral disease causes inflammation in the brain which does nothing but to piss it off that much more. 

We first need to start out by specifically saying this is an American Pit Bull Terrier.  Pit Bull Terriers are medium sized dogs with short smooth coats.  They are very muscular and have gotten a bad reputation for their aggression issues.  Although this is only an issue for mistreated dogs in most cases pit bulls are know as dogs who will bit and are too stubborn to let go of their prey no matter what.  The pit bull in this case just so happens to be one of Michael Vick's former pets.  We all know how much he pissed those animals off.  So not only is this one mean son of a bitch (ha literally) but he's pissed off that Vick made millions of dollars and treated him like shit for so long. 

Needless to say we have a fight here of two pissed off combatants!

The battle itself wouldn't really be all that eventful, but I'll try and break it down for you.  The bobcat would start out with an early lead keeping its distance from the pit bull and getting some pretty wicket attacks in with its claws.  These attacks only go to piss off Mike's dog that much more.  After a few minutes of this cat and mouse game the pit bull is able to latch onto one of the bobcats legs.  In typical pit bull fashion it refuses to let go.  Although the bobcat continues to rake at the pit bulls eyes it simply can't get away.  After about five minutes of this both animals are sufficiently mutilated.  Then the pit bull makes its move to get a better hold on the bobcat.   Although it can't see because of all the blood in its eyes it doesn't really matter because the bobcat can't get away with a practically ripped off leg.  A nice hold later and the pit bull has a firm grasp around the bobcats neck. 

A short while later the fight is over.  The bobcat is limp.  Despite this the pit bull continues to hold on and shake the lifeless animal around for another good five minutes.

Victor - Short lived for the pit bull before It's Painful death at the hand of the rabies it gets from the bobcat.

Pit Bull Fight


Bobcat Play Fight

No We Aren't Talking About This Type Of Bobcat!

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