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Cougar vs American Black Bear


This guest post was contributed by Brian Whalley of Lizard Person Or


One very frequently requested fight on Wild Animal Fight Club is the Cougar vs American Black Bear fight. The American Cougar has a wide range of habitats, from northern Canada's wilderness to the Andes of South America. The Cougar is actually rather small, about 2 feet tall and eight feed long and weighing between 115 and 200 pounds. Cougars are also unusual for being one of the only big cats unable to roar. In reality cougars are more like a very large and aggressive housecat, mostly communicating through growls, purrs, and hissing. They are also very adept jumpers and have the largest hind legs proportionally of any cat.

In the other corner we have the Black Bear, which is about 2.5-3 feet tall at the shoulder and six feet long. However, they are much larger and bulkier than their competitor, weighing over 550 pounds (300+ kg). However, they are actually rather timid and often try to avoid conflict with other predators. In the areas where Black Bears and Cougars share territory conflicts are common and bears will often try to steal a cougar's kill if it can. The conflict is rarely violent though because of the power of both animals.

In an actual fight, the cougar would use its small size and great agility to stay away from the black bear. The black bear's powerful long claws and immense strength is an immediate game over for any cougar foolish enough to come head on at a black bear. A cougar would remain at a distance and attempt to leap past a black bear to come up behind it or land on top of its back. Staying away from the black bear's mouth and massive reach is the cougar's only chance. The black bear has so much insulating fat and hide however, that any cougar that attempts to attack it would be shook away until the black bear can capitalize on the cougar's desperation and catch it in its paws or jaws. The black bear would then break its neck with one bite, the end for that cougar.


Black bear wins.


Bear wins all of the way. It's heavier and stronger. Black bears in Florida have been known to kill 16ft long alligators, in the Everglades. Their body mass is composed of around 50% muscle. They are not fat, like what they appear to be. Black bears may be clumsy, but once they get a strike with those long claws and powerful paws, they could seriously injure a cougar.
Posted @ Friday, November 06, 2009 7:37 PM by MrAlien123456
No way. I'm going with the underdog (well cat in this case). The cougar can jump from a tree and land on the bear's head and gouge the bear's eyeballs out. Then, the cougar can keep jumping on and off again until, ultimately the bear bleeds to death. Ouch, sorry bear.
Posted @ Saturday, November 07, 2009 3:45 PM by Dan Ronken
And you think the bear do9esn't have fast reflexes, just because it looks slow? Siberian brown bears have been known to kill tigers more than tigers kill them (65-70%, in favor of the bear) and they aren't even the largest subspecies of brown bear. One swat from the bear’s paw would be devastating to the cougar if it hit the cat on the head or in a limb. Wolverines have been known to kill lynxes larger than themselves a lot more than visa versa. What would you think the end result would be for the cougar? A wolverine is built like a bear, except with sharper claws.
Posted @ Saturday, November 07, 2009 9:34 PM by MrAlien123456
God, this , this site has so many peo9pel that a pro feline, that whenever a fight comes up with a “Feline vs. Another animal”, they'll always pick the feline or find stupid reason to why the feline would win. Sorry, fanatics, but felines aren’t invincible. That “Grizzly bear vs. Tiger” fight is BS. Siberian brown bears are the size of grizzlies, and yet they manage to kill tigers, more often than tigers kill them. Yes, I understand that a tiger could easily kill a gorilla, or a cougar could kill a wolf, but a grizzly would kill a tiger of any subspecies the majority of the times, and a tiger facing a Kodiak or Polar bear…… 
Forget about it……. 
Posted @ Saturday, November 07, 2009 9:45 PM by MrAlien123456
Well I thing this figth would go to the bear, 6-7/10 for the bear. He's bigger but he is also very shy and will more likely run from the puma at first sight giving the cat the advantage to jump on its back and give it a bite to the spinal cord, but if it had to figth it would more and likely give the cat a good beating, though I like pumas more than black bears the bear would take the fight most of the time.
Posted @ Sunday, November 08, 2009 4:25 PM by Zeroman
(my spelling is bad try to make it out) well iv worked with cougars all my life and iv seen cougar vs bear fights in real life 80 out of a 100 times the cougar wins cuz it jumps on the bears head using its killer claw on the side of its foot to hock the bears skull. cougars are freeky strong holding down the bears head and the bears powerfull arms canot conekt with the cougar. the cougars canines may be small but they have a power full bit they bit the back of the bears neck and twist it on it back braking the spine killing the bear
Posted @ Monday, November 09, 2009 4:58 PM by brady brooks
Brady, cougars have weaker bites than a wolf, which are normally slightly smaller than them. I don’t know where you’re getting that they have extremely powerful jaws. A fully grown black bear is not slow, despite their appearance, as you seem to think. If you did work with cougars, then I guess you are not giving the other side of the story with the bears. Sure, the cougar has retractable claws that can cling onto the bear, but that's usually only good in ambush attempts. In a head on battle, the cougar will try to ward off the bear and then finally make the move, if the bear still doesn’t leave the area; however, the bear will charge the cougar (bear is much heavier and larger) and each swipe from the bear's paws will do substantial damage to the cougar. If this were a mother bear against a mother cougar, both protecting their cubs, the bears wins about 70-80% of the time. However, this is almost like a case with a leopard and the gorilla. The bear is similar to the gorilla, with brute strength, and the cougar is the one with agility, which is similar to the leopard. However, gorillas are more docile than bears and wouldn’t attempt to even try and taunt a leopard. Also, gorillas have slower reflexes than bears, which contribute to that fight being a 50/50 chance for both animals. But again, the bear wins this fight 70-80% of the time. Also, the cougars back legs, despite them being fairly strong, cannot seriously harm a black bear, like a black bear would with it’s forelimbs. The bear has much longer and thicker claws than a cougar, and despite them being a little blunter than the cat’s, they still have some sharpness to them. Also, considering a cougar is smaller than a black bear, even in the larger specimens, the bear has a longer reach with its forelimbs. Also, black bears have noticeably longer forelimbs in comparison to their bodies than cougars. Cougars have longer back-limbs than their forelimbs. However, they cannot just kick like a kangaroo. They can only kick when pinned to the ground. Bears have thicker bones than big cats, which adds to their weight. Also, a black bear’s muscle mass makes up about 45-50% of their total body mass. They are not fat animals. They are always underestimated because they look clumsy; however, they are very formidable animals. I’m sorry. I like felines, in fact, I plan on getting a serval, when I get older; however, felines are always overrated animals, especially lions. Also, Brady, you have not acknowledged how little stamina a cougar has in a fight. Felines have probably the worst stamina of any Carnivore and even rank lower than primates in stamina levels. Lions have probably the highest stamina of any felid.
Posted @ Monday, November 09, 2009 6:28 PM by MrAlien123456
you have don your reserch eh. u are rite mabey i should have looked at the bear side but i have witnesed to cougar fights with black bears and one with a grizzly well i was working with them in BC the cougar was able to fend off the bear every time. but the bear ushaly is trying to avode the fight. good work bud. now i want to see what they would say who would win betwen a wolf and hyina. i get to go hyina hunting when i go over to study cheatas it will be fun
Posted @ Tuesday, November 10, 2009 6:01 AM by brady brooks
I'm pretty sure if it's a male wolf against a female spotted hyena (females are larger than males in the spotted hyena species) the hyena would win the majority of the times. The hyena would win 8/10xs and if it's a male wolf against a male hyena, (again, male spotted hyenas are smaller than females) the hyena will still have the advantage with its powerful jaws and sturdier build. Spotted hyenas have a bite of about 1000PSI, while a grey wolf would have a bite around 700PSI at maximum (usually the bite averages around 500PSI). The hyena also has very strong neck muscles and can be used to help protect the animal if an animal like a leopard or a lion attacks that area. Hyenas also have a sturdier build than a grey wolf and are usually more aggressive. The largest spotted hyena specimens weighed about 200lbs. The largest grey wolf specimen was shot in Alaska and weighed 190lbs. However, the average for male Alaskan grey wolves (largest subspecies of grey wolf, after the larger domestic dog breeds) is about 85-115lbs, while the average weight for a female spotted hyena (again, keep in mind that female spotted hyenas are usually larger than males) is between 120-150lbs. The difference for average specimens of the two animals is much greater than those of more massive ones.
Posted @ Tuesday, November 10, 2009 8:31 PM by MrAlien123456
Also, remember that both animals cannot use their forelimbs efficiently in battle and they both have the same amount of weapons in battle, except that the hyena's natural artillery is usually more efficient in killing other animals.
Posted @ Tuesday, November 10, 2009 8:33 PM by MrAlien123456
i think alien is rite about the bear but dont underestamat them cougars there strong and i know they cant kill a bear but they can fend one off
Posted @ Wednesday, November 11, 2009 6:00 PM by socom
iff were talking head to head the bear will win cougar gets the jump off a rock or tree land on the bears back and hold onto its neck and back cougar wins bear gets the jump bear wins so the bear is superior in 2/3 catagorys
Posted @ Sunday, November 22, 2009 7:53 PM by socom
The answer is well known. These two predators have shared the same forest for thousands of years. The cougar ( mountain lion, panther, puma ) knows full well that the American black bear is too powerful for him to fight.
Posted @ Monday, December 14, 2009 1:26 PM by Toby Ross
classic DRAW! 
i.e. could go either way depending on situation/individual
Posted @ Friday, December 18, 2009 2:02 PM by Porkupine
This match is no draw. American black bears have shared the forests of North America with cougars for tens of thousands of years. The big cat knows better that to attack a bear. Replace the mountain lion with a jaguar, then this fight might go either way.
Posted @ Friday, December 18, 2009 2:08 PM by Toby Ross
there are some really small black bears out there. that's why i say if/when it did come down to an actual fight, i bet it often ends in draw. I'm sure most encounters don't even come to any kind of a fight at all.  
you know what I'm saying about that. But I bet there are times when a cougar swats a black bear off.
Posted @ Friday, December 18, 2009 2:49 PM by Porkupine
You are right Porkupine. I am sure that a puma would know which bears he can dominate. I was just considering big boar bear and full sized puma. But yes, the size range of black bears really vary.
Posted @ Friday, December 18, 2009 5:40 PM by Toby Ross
I just love reading what other people think about stuff like this. Everything from Bear vs. Lion to Wolverine vs. Babboon (very interesting!)  
Posted @ Friday, December 18, 2009 8:18 PM by Porkupine
This fight is just like the Siberian tiger vs grizzly bear. 
The bear will win every time.
Posted @ Monday, December 28, 2009 5:07 AM by Toby Ross
Although in rare cases Americn black bears are even smaller, normally they range from 300 to 600 pounds. 700 pound black bears are not rare. The record weight was 880 pounds, but anything above 700 is rare.  
Unless the bear is exceptionally small, the American black bear will defeat the puma every time. Bears are built for power. Cats are built for stealth and ambush. In an ambush attack, the mountain lion might stand a chance ( although they are not known to attempt this ). But, in a face to face encounter, the bear will win 10 out of 10 fights.
Posted @ Monday, January 04, 2010 5:00 AM by Toby Ross
I said twice before that I was leaving this breeding ground for idiots. The third time is the charm. It baffles mr how anyone could possibly be so stupid as to believe that lions and tigers kill grizzly bears. I will leave with this list of our players in order of top fighter if they all lived on one vast natural landmass. Number #1 naturally is at the top of the foodchain.  
#1- polar bear / brown bears. 
#2- Siberian tiger. 
#3- Bengal tiger.  
#4- American black bear / gorilla.  
#5- African lion.  
#6- jaguar. 
#7- leopard. 
Posted @ Monday, January 04, 2010 4:48 PM by Toby Ross
What about Crocodile?  
Posted @ Tuesday, January 05, 2010 12:30 AM by porkupine
What about Crocodile?  
Posted @ Tuesday, January 05, 2010 12:32 AM by porkupine
Toby ross, this list lookes more like it, only land predetors: 
1.siberian tiger 
2.African lion 
3.Bengal tiger 
4.brown bears (kodiak, russian, grizzly, ect) 
6.Black bear 
9.spotted hyena 
10.gray wolf 
the reason why I didn't put polar bears in my list is because its difficult to tell how good fighters they are because I've never seen them fighting another land animal before.
Posted @ Tuesday, January 05, 2010 1:45 AM by mr animalia
There goes Mr. Animalia on his feline fantasies again. Somebody please call the police! 
Animals compared to the average man: 
Chimpanzee: 2.5xs stronger 
Cougar/Spotted hyena matriarch/Sun bear: 3.5xs stronger 
Leopard/Strongest human body builders: 4xs stronger 
Jaguar: 6xs stronger 
Giant panda: 6.5xs stronger 
Silverback gorilla/Sloth bear: 7.5xs stronger 
American/ Asiatic black bear: 8xs stronger 
African lion/ Bengal tiger: 10xs stronger 
Siberian tiger: 11.5xs stronger 
Inland grizzly bear: 12xs stronger 
American lion: 13xs stronger 
Coastal/ California grizzly bear: 13.5xs stronger 
Kodiak/Polar bear: 15xs stronger 
Short-faced bear: 16.5xs stronger 
Giant polar bear (extinct) Ursus maritimus tyrannus: 17.5xs stronger 
AVERAGE (which means that these are the weights commonly found in the wild) weights of male specimens: 
American black bear: 350lbs 
Silverback gorilla: 400lbs 
Giant panda: 200lbs 
Siberian tiger: 450lbs 
Bengal tiger/African lion: 425lbs 
Inland grizzly: 490lbs 
Polar bear: 900lbs 
Kodiak: 850lbs 
Coastal grizzly: 700lbs 
Jaguar: 165lbs 
Cougar: 140lbs 
Chimpanzee: 135lbs 
Leopard: 150lbs 
Sloth bear: 250lbs 
Grey wolf: 115lbs 
Posted @ Tuesday, January 05, 2010 4:07 PM by MrAlien123456
Cats kill by slowly strangling their victim to death. This is because a cat is not strong enough to make a quick kill. A bear is all about raw power. An American black bear is much stronger than a cougar. After 10's of thousands of years sharing the same woods, no cougar is going to face a full grown male American black bear. 
Cats are not as smart as bears, but I believe that a cougar is smart enough not to fight a bear.
Posted @ Wednesday, January 06, 2010 5:51 AM by Toby Ross
Mr alien123456, you made those strenght compared to a human up. 
and toby, I told you before. A grizzly kills a cow in 3 slaps but a tiger runs, jumps and takes down an elephant (10 times the weight of a cow).and 90% of a brown bears diet is vegetarien. compared to tigers/lions who eat meat only. 
who's the better predetor now?
Posted @ Wednesday, January 06, 2010 5:00 PM by Mr animalia
An elephant? Very comical, Mr. Animalia. And how else are you suggesting I compare strengths? Again, what a feline has over a bear of similar size is not strength alone, but agility. And, yes, a feline does usually make a better predator than a bear, because, first of all, felines have element of surprise, agility and strength, while a bear relies PURELY on strength. The reports of tigers killing elephants were usually directed towards young, SMALL, old, or unhealthy individuals. Also, considering that Asian elephants are MUCH smaller than African elephants, it's not so surprising, when these kills were made on old, sick, weak, or smaller individuals. Again, this does not show strength alone, but element of surprise, and how efficiently a tiger can use his/her jaws to subdue their prey. Leopards don’t normally hunt bull elands, and have only been known to kill them on rare occasions when the feline actual manages to get the jump on their back and use their jaws on their windpipe. The way the leopard can do this is from an elevated area, off of a tree, or a small cliff or overhanging ledge. And I have never heard of a report of two male lions killing an elephant. Maybe an elephant calf, but no African elephant, even an old or sick specimen will not allow two male lions to kill it. First of all, an elephant can easily pick up a lion with their trunk and are intelligent enough to comprehend the act of “throwing an object”. A lion or tiger is an easy pushover. I have seen a video of male lions taking turns at biting at a hippo’s spine, however, the hippo never attempted to fight back and just stood there. But any healthy hippo is more than enough to kill a healthy, prime, male lion. In fact, it’s enough to kill a few, and since a hippo has thicker bones than a Cape buffalo (which have also been known to kill multiple lions on an attack), a thicker hide, stronger jaws, larger teeth, and are normally heavier on average; easy K.I.A.’s, right there. And yes, tigers have been known to hunt bears, but that’s during desperate times, during the winter months, when bears are ASLEEP, during hibernation; something that big cats never do. Polar bears, unlike most bears, are pretty much obligate carnivores, yet are more docile than brown bears, and actually don't have certain stretches of land they claim as territories, as multiple males can be on the same strip of land, and none will care for another male’s location; only if it is over mating or food.
Posted @ Thursday, January 07, 2010 7:34 PM by MrAlien123456
A tigers menu is Crocodiles, brown bears, black bears, elephants, indian rhinos, buffalos,ect... 
Now a blow of a tiger is 3.1-3.6 kilo go on youtube and find : A SINGLE BLOW OF A TIGER CAN KNOCK OUT A BROWN BEAR. 
that is more then just stealth, that is power, muscle, speed and agility combined together.. to form this fearless predetor 
Besides, we are talking about cougar vs black bear not tiger vs brown bear.
Posted @ Thursday, January 07, 2010 9:39 PM by Mr animalia
tigers do not hunt elephants. tigers do not hunt rhinoceras. A tiger might hunt the smaller black bears, female brown bears and their cubs, baby crocodiles, buffalo and other cows. 
YOU TUBE is not a source of information or proof of anything. Yet, you tube appears to be your ultimate source for knowledge. Have you ever read from an encyclopedia, National geo, or any more reliable source?  
Stay away from you tube and comic books when seeking reliable information.
Posted @ Friday, January 08, 2010 5:08 AM by Toby Ross
Isn't it strange how everyone is worried about which member of Ursus arctos we talk about when we say grizzly?  
When we say moutain lion. we might mean puma concolor costaricensis, or p.c. anthonyi, or p.c. cougar, or p.c. comcolor, or p.c. puma, or p.c. coryi. 
Does it really matter? 
When we say tiger, we might mean panthera tigris tigris, or p.t. corbetti, or p.t. jacksoni, or p.t. sumatrae, or p.t. altaica, or p.t. amoyensis. 
Does it really matter?  
So, why is everyone so concerned about which Ursus arctos we are refering to when we say grizzly bear?  
No matter which brown bear we are talking about, a 600 pound Ursus arctos can kill a 600 pounds tiger. A 200 pound black bear can kill a 200 pound mountain lion.
Posted @ Friday, January 08, 2010 10:26 AM by Toby Ross
LOL, you are referring to YouTube, the place where lion, tiger and so many other big cat fan boys roam? 
Tigers general menu: Buffalo, deer, cattle, orangutans (when they were more diverse) and antelope. 
Occasional meals: Unsuspecting gaur, injured, sick, or elephant and rhinoceros calves, crocodiles 13 feet or under, on dry land, when the tiger gets the sneak attack on their backside (a crocodile 13 feet has a body smaller than that of the tiger than is usually preying on it; a body length of about 6 feet in length), honey badgers, and dholes (since packs of dholes have been known to drive off tigers from kills, and even kill them). 
Please go look up tigers on the web. I don’t even think fan boys on YouTube are as misguided as you………
Posted @ Friday, January 08, 2010 4:24 PM by MrAlien123456
I get my info from National geographic, wiki and discovery 
Yes elephants up to 4-5 tons ARE a part of tigers diet, rare but somethimes, and tigers DO hunt on indian rhinos up to 2.5 ton. buffalo, bulls and other cows are the biggest part of a tigers diet and males hunt saltwater crocodiles up to 18 ft.
Posted @ Friday, January 08, 2010 5:03 PM by Mr animalia
Tigers hunt bears in Asia. The biggest male sloth bears are 300 pounds. Asiatic black bears grow up to 400 pounds. Sub bears are only 100 pounds. Even though a tiger is bigger than any of these bears, the tiger prefers to ambush females and juveniles. This is because, pound fore pound, a bear is the worlds strongest land predator.  
American black bears vary greatly in size. This is due to over-hunting by Elmer Fudd ( modern hunters ). They shoot the biggest males, leaving the runts to breed more runts. Black bears range from 200 to 700 pound bears.  
A 600 pound American black bear is stronger than an African lion or a Bengal tiger. The cougar would not stand a snowballs chance in an active volcano. Pound for pound, any bear is stronger than any cat.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 3:09 PM by Toby Ross
I have a link to this site from my myspace. Toby Ross / Og-Lee  
If all the now living creatures of the earth lived on one vast continent, the grizzly ( Ursus arctos ) would be the unchallenged king of beasts. The Orca and the sperm whale would rule the sea.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 3:54 PM by Toby Ross
youre kidding right? its the other way around
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 4:06 PM by mr animalia
a tiger could kill any bear in asia with its eyes closed. and you are wrong, pound for pound, the jaguar is the worlds stongest mammal predetor; go learn something! pound for pound a tiger is more musclular then any bear. in this fight the cougar stands a good chance but the bear probably wins 6-7 out of 10 times because its 3 times as heavy, against a jaguar you will have a dead black bear. the siberian tiger and polar bear are the lands king predetors. the grizzly is a few levels lower rated. in the sea that is the blue & sperm whale and orca.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 4:56 PM by mr animalia
Jeeezzzuss! For the slow learners. Once more. Cats evolved elastic, stretchy, springy muscles for quick flexible bodies that can twist and turn. That is why cats are exceptional jumpers.  
Bears have heavy dense bones with muscles attached for one purpose and one purpose only. BRUTE STRENGTH.  
pound for pound any bear is stronger than any cat.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 4:57 PM by Toby Ross
a black bear stronger then a bengal tiger and african lion? no we see how much of a fool you are. lions are 1.25x as strong as a black bear even though they get the same size, that means pound for pound a cat is 1.25x as strong as a bear. you're saying a black bear could kill a tiger or lion? both could kill youre black teddy in less then 20 seconds.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 5:01 PM by mr animalia
I really don't classify the blue whale as a predator. But, krill would. 
The jaguar is pound for pound the strongest cat. But, even a jaguar is a far cry from having bear strength. 
How do I knock this into an idiots head? A tiger cannot be the leath, flexible beast that leaps as if from steel springs if he had the brute strength of a grizzly.  
An athlete cannot be a high jumper / broad jumper and also the champion weight-lifter. You are trying to create some imaginary super-beast here. 
I am not trying to make the grizzly out to be "Super-beast". The grizzly is no where near as agile and quick moving as a tiger. 
The tiger is nowhere nearly as strong as a grizzly. You cannot have it both ways.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 5:05 PM by Toby Ross
Perhaps, being better fighters, a lion or a tiger could kill an American black bear. Maybe. But, a 500 pound black bear is stronger than a 500 pound lion. I have already explained this in a way a toddler could understand.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 5:08 PM by Toby Ross
An Americn black bear seldom finds himself in a fight. The only predator in North America that would dare to attack a black bear is the grizzly. Black bears go out of their way to avoid grizzlys.  
Perhaps a lion or a tiger could take down a large black bear, even though the bear is the stronger animal. The big cats are true predators.  
Of course, it is a totally different story with the grizzly. A grizzly has all the fighting skills to match any big cat. And, no big cat comes remotely close to a grizzly in pure brute strength.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 5:22 PM by Toby Ross
I explained this to you before, CATS ARE MUSCLE, pure steel muscle. bears are fat and muscle as a ratio 50-50. and everyone knows a bengal tiger is far stonger then a black bear. high jumpers have power, sprinters have power, in about every event in the olempics you can think of, you need power if you want to be athletic. tigers are superb fighters and very fast, bears are the opposite of that. end of discussion
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 5:34 PM by Mr animalia
Animalia, you are telling fairy tales here. You should write children's fantasy. 
No broad jumper / high jumper in Olympic history ever won the gold in weight-lifting. You cannot have it both ways. 
The truth is, you know this. You are so set on your tiger being as strong as a grizzly, that you are even lying to yourself. 
This is not about knowledge of animals. This is about plain old common sense. IF a tiger had the muscle power of a grizzly, it would not be the limber, agile, jumper that it is. 
YES!!!! A tiger is a strong big cat. But it is not nearly as strong as the brutish grizzly bear.
Posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 6:10 PM by Toby Ross
Toby ross get out of youre dream world!! 
you overestimate bears and underestimate cats, bears arent that strong; in this contest i admitt the black bear wins. Damon has explained you a tiger is no more flexible then a bear. replace this puma by a jaguar and youre bear is dead.  
lets discuss this on the Grizzly vs Tiger page
Posted @ Wednesday, January 20, 2010 8:50 PM by mr animalia
the boxer with the knockout punch isn't always the one to win. and it's about a cougar and a bear, not tiger and bear. fanboys
Posted @ Thursday, January 21, 2010 7:03 PM by matt
On occations, the black bear has killed cougars and a cougar has killed black bears, but i will addmit that the black bears the cougars have killed were not a fully grown bear. In the wild, cougars will have blcak bear cubs on the menu and will try to kill them if the mother is not around. The cougar knows better then to attack a fully grown black bear or any adult bear for that matter. For the black bears, they dont always go hunting for cougars as much as cougars hunt black bear cubs, they dont want to waste there time looking for compotition when they can be eating. 
Youtube can be and is a realiable source for info, but for certain things, and animal fights are one of them.
Posted @ Sunday, January 24, 2010 8:33 PM by lion man
Black bear wins!
Posted @ Sunday, January 24, 2010 8:34 PM by lion man
A black bear does not attack other predetors. they do not prey on other predetors either. The cougar will probobly make the first move and will scare away the bear. if the bear was cornered and forced to fight it will win though.
Posted @ Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:30 PM by Mr animalia
A black bear would most likely win, but, it would have to depend on how large both of the animals are then it would be hard to say. The cougar is a very powerful hunter and the black bear has a pretty big strength advantage over the cougar. But it would be a good fight.
Posted @ Thursday, January 28, 2010 6:31 PM by lion man
There is a great deal of variation in the size range of black bears. But, I believe that, in a face-off, any boar black bear 300 pounds or more could take on a cougar every time. An American black bear 500 pounds or more would stand about a 40-60 chance against a lion or a tiger of equal or lesser weight. Black do not have the strength of a grizzly, but they are still bears.
Posted @ Saturday, February 06, 2010 7:10 AM by Toby Ross
black bear would stand no living chance against a tiger or lion,tigers and lions are bigger, stronger and faster. grizzly bear vs. lion/tiger is a good fight though the cat will most likely win. 
the tiger, lion and polar bear are something a grizzly isn't: a true carnivore, that is what makes them more powerfull then a brown bear there size. brown bears do not have the furiosity a real predator should have.
Posted @ Tuesday, February 09, 2010 6:57 PM by mr animalia
Black bears range in size in some locales from 200 to 300 pounds, while in other populations from 400 to 700 pounds. Black bears 800 pounds or more are rare. Any adult boar black bear could easily take on a cougar or a leopard. A 400 pound black bear could take on a jaguar. A bear weighing from 500 to 600 pounds could handle a lion. A boar black bear 600 pounds or better could kill a tiger.
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 4:06 AM by Toby
Cats are strong animals. But, they are mostly developed for speed and agility. Bears are brutes. A bear is smarter, stronger, and has much better endurance. The big cat will be exhausted in a matter of minutes. The bear could fight for hours. The big cat is built like a gymnist whereas the bear is a weight-lifter / wrestler. The bear is an omnivore ( like being half big cat and half bull ). The bear has bull-like strength with the tools and instincts of a true predator.  
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 4:15 AM by Toby
Toby, you cannot compare humans to animals - It is like comparing Apples to carrots 
Cougar Muscle Mass: 60% 
Bear Muscle Mass: 48% throughout the year. 
Pound for pound strength: 
1- Mustlids (include badgers) 
2- Felids 
3- Skunks 
4- Ursids 
5- Skunks 
Pound for Pound cats have most of the advantages over bears: 
Sharper Claws 
Stronger Jaws 
Sharper Canines 
Fighting Ability 
An average black bear is roughly 250 lbs - An average Cougar is 160 lbs. Therefor cat wins, the bear needs a greater size advantage. 
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 1:47 PM by Zack
5- Canids, not skunks oops
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 1:49 PM by zack
An 800 pound wolverine could likely kill an 800 pound grizzly. Have you ever seen one? 
Once again Zack did not do his homework. Bears are far superior to the big cats in strength. intelligence, and endurance. 
Your cat is an ambush predator who must make a quick kill. He is built for stealth, a sudden burst of speed, and agility. Within 2 minutes of his attack, he is exhausted. 
The very smart bear is a muscular weight-lifter who can workout for hours and still have energy to burn. That hump on the grizzly's shoulders is solid muscle fro digging in hard frozen ground, where a tiger could barely scratch the surface, The grizzly spends his days overturning huge boulders and logs, which a tiger could not budge. The grizzly can so easily kill your tiger.
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 2:49 PM by Toby
Toby, again you fail to prove that a Bear is smarter then a Cat. Youre ignorant behaviour is becoming plain annoying. 
2nd - When a tiger kills a powerhouse like a Buffalo, he sneaks to 15 meters of distance. Than BAM one big leap and he is chasing an animal 5 times his size. He delivers a deadly blow that knocks the big Bovine of his feet and tackles it. the tigers BRUTAL strenght allows him to do so. 
The grizzly bears constant digging is what makes his claws blund in. Meanwhile the SMARTER cat doesnot scratch the surface because he knows those claws need to be sharp. These claws can tear any bears hide into shreds. 
People who do 300 lbs for 5 reps are developing pure strength like the tiger. People who do 50 reps of 100 lbs develop stanima like a bear. 
The bear is stanima - the tiger is power.
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 5:12 PM by zack
Unfortunately for your tiger, this is not about "what if the tiger does a sneek attack on a boar grizzly". This is a face-off. Without his advantage of an attack from behind cover, the tiger stands no chance at all against a grizzly at least double the tiger's strength.  
No tiger has ever been known to kill a full grown boar brown bear. Only sows and cubs. Even these were killed by ambush.  
But, brown bears have been known to kill even the biggest Siberian tigers. They regularly take kills away from hungry tigers. If the tiger stands his ground, the brown bear kills him.  
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 5:21 PM by Toby  
Brown Bears are a part of a tigers diet - as these records prove that in a foace to face mathup The tiger will come out on top in real life. There was even a record of a Brown bear who ran from a tigers tracks. The coward! This maker Panthera Tigris Asia's most feared mammal.
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 7:00 PM by zack
Zack...again you prove your lack of knowledge. There are no cowards in the animal kingdom. That is a human trait. 
If you see a rat in your house, will you reach down and grab it in your bare hand?  
Why not? Are you a coward? No. It is because you do not wish to be bitten. Even though you know that you could squeeze the rat to death. The grizzly will not wish to fight the tiger without a damn good reason, even though he knows that he can kill the tiger.  
There were very recently reports of a single brown bear who was killing tigers. This was in the news just a few years ago. Wildlife authorities were alarmed because the tigers are so rare. The bear was killing tigers to take their kills ( easier than hunting ). Like T-rex, the grizzly would rather take food from the big cats than to hunt. T-rex probably took food from the raptors much the same way.
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 8:07 PM by Toby  
Brown Bears are a part of a tigers diet - as these records prove that in a foace to face mathup The tiger will come out on top in real life. There was even a record of a Brown bear who ran from a tigers tracks. The coward! This maker Panthera Tigris Asia's most feared mammal.  
They Killed the bear, In a head to head fight. You have no evidence that a grizzly ever killer a tiger - therefor you are acting like an arrogant fool. Who has nothing to prove, but is constantly making up stories. 
And a tiger will retreat from a grizzly for food because it cannot risk injury. It needs to stay healthy in order to hunt for meals - but when they are enraged they can kill the bear any time.
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 9:18 PM by zack
Please discuss Grizzly Bear - Siberian tiger conflicts on this page: 
Thank you
Posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 9:22 PM by Moderator Staff
The Americn black bear is the obvious winner here. He is a bear. The bear is stronger, smarter, and has greater stamina. The cat is fast and agile, but tires quickly. The bear will overpower the cat.
Posted @ Sunday, July 18, 2010 6:55 AM by Toby
Well, if the grizzly ( according to Damon ) averages 420 pounds, then an American black bear should weigh about 200 pounds. 
That should put these 2 at about equal weight. 50-50 either way.
Posted @ Monday, July 26, 2010 10:10 PM by Toby
Paleontologists claim that Smilodon was the strongest cat because he was built more like a bear. What does this tell you? 
Bears are stronger than cats. So, it is the speed and agility of the cougar vs the strength and stamina of the black bear. That is, if the bear is 200 pounds or more.
Posted @ Sunday, August 01, 2010 3:28 PM by Toby
Posted @ Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:04 AM by Toby
watch this 
and read this,5349137&hl=en
Posted @ Monday, September 20, 2010 7:47 PM by Bear fan
Cougar will obviously kill the bear within seconds.
Posted @ Tuesday, September 21, 2010 3:56 PM by zack
Uh Zach love to be the one to tell you this your W-R-O-N-G now go read wikipedia and learn something.
Posted @ Tuesday, October 12, 2010 5:27 PM by Bear fan
All Bullshit from guys who've never ever been in a fight. Judging animal fights, whatever! I've been in many (human fights). Eat shit, you phony tough talking know it all's.....
Posted @ Sunday, October 31, 2010 11:45 PM by dick
Who is the ultimate terrestrial carnivore? Is it the lion, the tiger, or the brown bear?
Posted @ Saturday, November 20, 2010 8:43 AM by BrotherBear
This is the funniest shit.. So a Siberian Tiger will beat a Polar Bear.. Yet the Black Bear beats the Cougar.. 
Dude... Make up your fucking mind.. 
The Black Bear will own the Cougar plain and simple. Very similar weight ratio for polar bear/siberian tiger....
Posted @ Wednesday, February 09, 2011 5:28 PM by Miguel Sanchez
damn...they have moderators here? :\
Posted @ Thursday, April 21, 2011 2:43 AM by troll
Posted @ Monday, May 02, 2011 6:16 AM by BrotherBear
1nces who says couger can win r all damn wrong:) 
Posted @ Friday, October 07, 2011 6:18 AM by rashna
You said that felines have stronger jaws. Quit making things up. A 600lb Siberian tiger has a bite of 1000lbs. A 600lb American black bear has a bite force of 1500lbs. 
You said that cats are smarter than bears. Not even close to reality. The truth here is that bears have been known to use tools in the wild (i.e. they've been seen picking up sticks and branches to scratch themselves and throwing objects at each other), something no big cat has ever done. Lynn Rogers, an expert on black bears, has had multiple things to say for their intelligence: 
-A high brain-to-body ratio. 
-Navigation ability superior to humans. 
-Excellent long-term memory. 
-Can generalize to the simple concept level. 
Another professional on black bears, named Ben Kilham, says that bear intelligence is comparable to that of great apes. 
You stated that felines have superior fighting ability. Have you suffered a recent head injury? Bears are much better designed to fight than cats are. They have much stockier builds, they have much stronger jaws and forequarters, and they battle other carnivores on quite a regular basis to usurp kills, from anything from foxes to bobcats, coyote packs to cougars. And that's just the black bear. Brown bears can steal kills from cougars, wolf packs, even Siberian tigers. 
"Cougar will obviously kill the bear in seconds." Did you even think to watch the video posted here? The encounter lasted nearly two minutes, and the black bear didn't even attack. Yet the black bear sent the cougar running with one charge at the end of the video. 
We all know that you love cats. That doesn't mean you should always support them in fights; this just makes you look foolish to act like a cougar would survive a crushing blow from a black bear's paw or that a tiger would live through a spine/neck bite from a grizzly.
Posted @ Wednesday, October 26, 2011 4:56 PM by Arctodus
i think the bear would always win no matter what.
Posted @ Wednesday, March 21, 2012 8:35 PM by destiny
Destiny is fucking no matter what. Bears don't always win,even though bears win most of the time. A black bear could beat any cat. A polar bear could do that to. A grizzly bear can to. A kodiak bear can too. But cats could beat smaller bears.  
Here are top 10 strongest animals.  
10. Ant 
7.moon bear 
1. Elephant 
There is only 1 animal stronger than an elephant. 
It is rhinocerous beetle. Believe it or not, a rhinocerous beetle could carry 17 trucks!  
It could even carry more than 19 sauropods! 
If you don't believe it,type top 10 strongest animals on youtube. You gonna see!
Posted @ Sunday, December 23, 2012 4:06 AM by Animal superior
Bears will destroy all cats. their power is unmatched, cats are very smart and strong, but bears are out surviving them , look at black bears in north America or look at brown bears compare to tigers in the wild,, who is winning there, Bears,all tigers do to the bears is supply them food, as bears will take it, tiger will starve then. bears rule.
Posted @ Sunday, February 03, 2013 12:37 AM by bears rule
A cougar's speed would give it the advantage
Posted @ Wednesday, March 13, 2013 9:32 PM by nate
Mature male black bear can and does displace a cougar from his kill.
Posted @ Saturday, January 31, 2015 6:35 AM by Old Ephraim
Pumas have been documented killing black and brown bears more than vice versa: 
(Second half of the page)
Posted @ Monday, March 23, 2015 3:06 PM by Monarch
Monarch is delirious. Both grizzly and black bears routinely displace cougars from their kills. Never the other way around.
Posted @ Friday, May 01, 2015 8:37 AM by Old Ephraim
AMAZING!!! Who knew cougars killed so much bears, coool post.
Posted @ Friday, May 08, 2015 12:55 AM by zack
Delirious? Look whos talking, chasing stuff off kills means absolutely nothing, mice can scare and chase off a elephant, doesnt mean that mice would win in a fight more often. 
Just about 50 accounts of cougars/mountain-lions/pumas/panthers/ killing black and grizzly bears: 
The two animals spent some time licking their rounds, but at last the lion charged the bear again and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached some deadly part, for presently the bear fell over dead and the lion went off to his old place and began to lick his wounds again.  
Bear dies in fight with panther 
terror of all other creatures except, perhaps, the grizzly bear (and a few stories had panthers vanquishing even them). 
Thompson (1860) of Montpelier, Vermont provides a heavily dramatized  
account, of doubtful authenticity, of a cougar attacking a bear. Bailey (1936) was  
told by E. F. Averill that a small bear, immobilized by a trap, was killed, partially  
eaten, and covered with leaves, presumably by a mountain lion. 
pumas are known to kill bears,1398697&hl=en 
By whatever name it might be called, mountain lion, cougar, puma, this member of the cat family plays an ... The apotheosis of American carnivores, the cougar's strength and agility are legendary. ... of wild felids in the Western Hemisphere, he has proven more than the equal of even the grizzly bear in staged combat. 
Voices for the Earth: a treasury of the Sierra Club bulletin 
Bear dies in fight with female puma: 
Once Mynheer Barhydt saw close by his clearing a fight between a  
bear and a panther which lasted more than an hour and ended only when both  
were dead 
Phillip R. Goodwins~Book of hunting records  
Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91) writes that G. W. Ferguson "recorded" a fight between a grizzly and a female cougar that was witnessed by two miners working a claim near Murry, Idaho. It was reported that a female cougar had a den and kittens in the vicinity, and when a grizzly, apparently unknowingly, approached the den, the mother cougar attacked the grizzly. During what the miners described as a fierce battle, the combatants fell off a mountain ledge and both where killed as a result of the fall. The miners claimed the cougar was still hanging on to the grizzly's cheek with her teeth; the bears back and throat were torn and lacerated and "his belly hide ripped into ribbons, mute evidence of the fact that all her paws with their 18 sharp claws had not been idle" (612).  
~ Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91)  
Black bear dies in fight with puma (a good illustration of a puma an bear), his hide all over his body was shredded to ribbons: 
Man is told that pumas always killed bears, and gives his own eye witness account of a puma killing a bear 4x his own size. 
In a fight to the death, the mountain lion is more game than the black bear. He will fight to the last breath, when the black bear will quit and cover his head with his paws and bawl like a calf.,+his+intended+victim+would+immediately+take+to+flight.+In+a+fight+to+the+death,+the+mountain+lion+is+more+game+than+the+black+bear.+He+will+fight+to+the+last+breath&source=bl&ots=BxmDHn1yRM&sig=b4TnlSRZKQvJwHHZokkMWYLyx5c&hl=en&sa=X&ei=XxpuVYP7C9DvoASp8ICgCA&ved=0CBYQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=If%20the%20lion%20should%20openly%20approach%20his%20prey%20and%20challenge%20it%20to%20combat%2C%20his%20intended%20victim%20would%20immediately%20take%20to%20flight.%20In%20a%20fight%20to%20the%20death%2C%20the%20mountain%20lion%20is%20more%20game%20than%20the%20black%20bear.%20He%20will%20fight%20to%20the%20last%20breath&f=false 
Mountain lion kills bear in fair fight  
She was ready for fight The panther came straight for the bear. She gave one leap and struck on the bear. There was a fierce struggle, with screaming and snarling, and In less than ten min utes the bear was tern to fragments. The panther walked Into the cave and came right out again and gave a scream that was bloodcurdling. Just then she saw the cubs. She gave a leap and brought one down and killed It, and went after the rest and killed them. 
Female panther kills she-bear 
bear dies in fight with female cougar 
Panthers were known to attack bears until they were torn and exhuasted further backing down: 
Big grizzly dies fighting female puma:,4459359&hl=en 
On approaching the stream the deadly conflict between the bear and panther was still raging, but right soon the bear gave a tad moan, which told...that the fight was over and the bear killed  
Then a great panther, with every hair turned toward his head, rushed like fury ay us over me nage la pursuit. We didn't feel sorry that the bear ost his life, 
Puma kills bear: 
female cougar was more than a match for a grizzly bear in the jaw to jaw combat and the bear tired out an had to rest: 
The two animals spent some time licking their rounds, but at last the lion charged the bear igain and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached iome deadly part, for presently the bear fell »er dead and the lion went off to his old place ind began to lick his wounds again.  
In a fair fight A pair of mountain lions can kill a bear in fact have been known to do so when defending their young 
I saw the lion's back heave and straighten convulsively; the bear delivered a powerful blow, then broke away. He reared upright as the lion flew at his throat. I saw the bear's entrails fall out upon the ground, where they were literally torn away by his feet. Again the lion sought the safety of the shelf of rock, as the famous Bigfoot fell dead. 
Just as s ho gave her last kick and the panther rose In triumph, Saunders took a hand in the fight. and with two bullets killed the panther 
Bear dies in fight with puma 
The Indians say, that in a battle between the grizzly bear and the cougar the latter  
always proves the victor...highly probable when we consider the injury to be  
inflicted by the long keen claws of the beast, and its wonderful strength and agility 
Bear dies in fight with puma: 
at the coward of the plains and crushed the life out of him. Then the bear staggered to the sheep shed and rolled over dead. 
The bear was now in extremities. There was but one remedy. So he wound himself up In a brown ball and dropped to the ground. fie struck with a sort of a smash, unbound himself, and started on a frantic lope" for safety. But with ftwo or three bounds the panther was low,h the. tree and near to him. She sprang upon the bear, burled her leeth in his throat and with her pow-'erful claws tore out his entrails 
The bear, a cinnamon, was a monster of his species. As near as they could estimate he would have weighed 1000 pounds. Each was a mass of cuts and wounds. The lion had one fore-leg crushed and mangled, as though from a bite, and the bear was cub from muzzle to tail .by the knife-like claws of his more active opponent.—" Buckskin," in the Ontario Observer, 
The lion had buried its teeth in the bear's throat, and before he could move a paw in self-defeuso had torn him literally into shreds with its powerful, sharp claws. The whole thing had happened so quickly that I had scarce time to catch my breath when the fight was over, the bear dead, 
This lithe beast, weighing full- grown perhaps one hundred and fifty pounds, is the terror of the  
grizzly, for through sheer litheness and agility this great cat can vanquish this  
terrible bear. The indians say that they sometimes find a bear killed by a panther 
Panther...and credible authorities state that they are not louth to attack boldly even the dreaded grizzly bear, and often come off victorious. 
He once saw a fight between a black bear and a cougar and the latter killed his advesary in less than 20 minutes 
Livingston Stone (1883 : 1189) was told by the McCloud River Indians that the panther always killed the grizzly when the two fought. They said that the grizzly was afraid of the lion and that the latter would spring on the bear's shoulders and cut its throat. Stone saw places in the mountains where the ground had been torn up, evidence of a desperate conflict between a panther and a bear. Pumas have always been known to kill grizzly bears:  
Panther kills bear by jumping on back and ripping out his throat 
puma killed a black bear 
Puma kills black bear 
According to Frank Post of Big Sur, mountain lions sometimes were taken in the live traps built near Monterey to catch bears for the arena. Then a bear-and-lion fight would be aranged. Mr. Post saw such a contest at Castroville in 1865 when he was six years old, and remembered it vividly. The lion, which seemed to have no fear, leaped onto the bear's back and while clinging there and facing forward scratched the grizzly's eyes and nose with its claws. The bear repeatedly rolled over onto the ground to rid himself of his adversary; but as soon as the bear was upright, the cat would leap onto his back again. This agility finally decided the struggle in favor of the lion." 
As they neared the spot, the victorious ainnita passed before them Into the jungle. On coming to the place of the deadly struggle they found dead and bleeding a large she bear, that would weigh probably 900 or 1000 pounds.  
He missed his object, but suddenly gathering his energies, he made a _California_Magazine_1000831108/251  
We could see them struggling in the depths of the pool; bubbles of air rose to the surface, and the water became dark with gore. It may have been five minutes or more before they floated up dead, and their bodies rolled slowly down the stream. (Anon., 1857 : 823., California Grizzly)  
panther mangles a full grown bear to death: 
The bear released his hold and both animals sank to the ground in the agony of death. Bruin died first but his enemy lived but a minute or two after. They had fought to a finish and ceased to be in each other’s way. Both animals were of medium size and in good condition. I went home for assistance and we skinned the panther and took the bear home and used the meat. Since that time," remarked Mr. Baughman, "I have witnessed many hard fights between animals but the encounter between the bear and panther was the fiercest and most bloody I ever witnessed between domestic or wild animals."  
Panther slaughters a bear: 
I saw a huge panther crouched down at the side of a dead bear which lay at the foot of a post oak tree that stood at the side of the pathway. The panther was guarding the bear. The two savage animals had met here and engaged in a terrific fight and the bear was killed. The scene of the encounter was in a small prairie bottom with a few scattering trees and nearly ¡ of a mile above the mouth of the hollow.  
Bear dies fighting panther 
Another instance of deadly confrontation between a cougar and black bear took place some time prior to 1800 near Schuylerville, now Saratoga, New York. An early settler, Mynheer Barhydt, had just built a cabin within Bear Swamp and witnessed the battle. Barhydt indicated that the bear had discovered the cougar's den and, in the absence of the mother cougar, killed the cougar's young. Soon thereafter, the cougar arrived and attacked the bear, reportedly with an awesome display of fury. The cougar eventually implanted her claws so deply in adversary's body that the bear could not throw her off. In the struggle, which Barhydt claimed lasted more than an hour, the two animals rolled over each other into a ravine, and when all became still Barhydt looked down, over the edge, and saw both animals were dead. (Stone 1975, 137-39, and Bradley 1940, 116).  
I bet I can double that amount...easy.
Posted @ Wednesday, June 03, 2015 8:41 PM by Monarch
I will create a new topic: cougar vs bear and you can post each of these accounts ( one at a time ) and we will look into them.
Posted @ Thursday, June 04, 2015 8:15 AM by Old Ephraim
What for? You act as if it isnt excepted on your site (which has even no one there other than your aliases), than that refutes the eye witnessers, biologist with Ph.ds upon observation, credible documentations on that history forum, I'd believe them over some copy and paste non-educated on these animals, havent seen either in your entire life, an just a manipulative liar like you...any day. 
Thats just an easy find, you think thats all there is? No one has gone into one grand library yet (which holds thousands of these records), talked to one historian or bear biologist in multiple universitys (who would have 100s of other records similar), dug into 1/10th of other newspaper archives (who has 100s of more related records... 
And yet you wanna spew out this crap that bears are unbeatable, even though pumas have killed them...on record...atleast 50 times from a simple search? 
Ha ha ha ha ha, a real deal search of contacting all those people I just mentioned could not only double but get 10x's more accounts of pumas decimating bears, you are just a butt hurt bear fan who thinks if something is bigger means scientifically its throat is impentrable like steel towards fangs, that his belly cant be dissemboweled because its as hard as diamonds, that bulk can operate as fast as soemthing smaller, that bears have a immortal gene found in no other animal on the planet. lol You are fucking mentally retarded. 
You are so fucking pathetic, on the bear vs tiger catagoire you have to post as a alias just so you can spread more of your stink lies of a bullshit link, because you have nothing, no arguments that havent already been stated by the flood of bear fanatics who know nothing of these
Posted @ Thursday, June 04, 2015 4:26 PM by Monarch
Everything you are telling is crap - not a single case of a cougar killing a healthy mature bear verified on record - NOT a single reliable verified account. No small wonder you hide here where you can spread your crap.
Posted @ Thursday, June 04, 2015 4:36 PM by Old Ephraim
Ahhhh ha ha ha, awwww, what a cry baby, just whining and crying like you always have, instead of posting any thing to counter it, all you do is deny deny deny...sorry but thats not gona stop the puma-killing-bear accounts from flooding in. 
And hideing? lol Thats what you are doing, with your aliases XD XD XD, Hiding you say? Nah, Ive actually been posting those data everywhere, like here: 
and here: 
and here: 
The only one hiding is the scared little bitch OCR. lol I could post a billion, you still woundt except it, thats because you are a bias faggot, but no worrys, later I'll double the amount to 100 accounts of pumas killing bears, go back into your fantasy land where bears are un-killable. except by every other animal he has faced lol
Posted @ Thursday, June 04, 2015 4:56 PM by Monarch
Awwwww, no fast snappy comebacks from el bitch? 
Let me guess, no animal in all of earths history has killed a mature, full grown, male grizzly, in a face off...let me more clarify what you mean...rules are, it must be a face off, the puma cannot use his speed to run around or jump over the bear with his 5x faster agility, he is only allowed to be dubed retarded and blindingly and willingly leap into the arms of a bear, he must be declawd and defanged because thats not fair that the pumas claws are razor sharp compared to the butter knife like ones of grizzlys. The puma is not allowed to use evasive manuvering, he has to stay completely still so the slow ass bear can do anything, and the fight is only dubbed fair if it starts with the puma prostrated and the grizzly bears jaws open a inch away from his neck from a already pinned down puma, you/OCR will yell... Go! Thats how the fair fight must start. 
XD XD XD You are fucking retarded. See the part all the sources state they...SAW, they WITTNESSED...the accounts were verified, gives credentials, place, date, where-abouts, alibies ect hence they are not in the fictional section, but the history, hunting, wild life, biology and science sections. Just because you wont ever accept something doesnt mean the world aint gonna accept it, you are a joke, your sources are jokes, and your arguments are all jokes. 
Again, no worrys, later tons more will be added to the times pumas have been documented killing, full grown bears, lol alot even say the bears who died fighting the pumas were 600, 800 and 1,000 lbs...yeah, because in your world those are juvinile an cub weights, 2,000 lb unconfirmed (non actually weighed an just estimated) are what you consider a full grown, anything below a ton is a sickly, dwarf malnorihsed and under weight bear, even though male full grown grizzly bears can be as small as 400 lbs. XD XD XD 
Thats why instead of stating any plausible reasons why the bear will win other than the repeated garbage of being slightly bigger = omnipotent...all you have been doing for the past 100 post is trolling, linking to lies, and having nothing other to say then, a full grown matue male prime bear is unbeatable, lol yeah, 50+ times pumas have proven you wrong.  
Posted @ Friday, June 05, 2015 4:24 PM by Monarch
Even though bears are omnivores, they are the dominating terrestrial predators. Cougars are often displaced from their kills by wolves, grizzlies, and black bears.
Posted @ Sunday, September 27, 2015 6:26 AM by Old Ephraim
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